If you are one of the millions of Kristen Bell admirers around the world, you may be interested in what tattoos she has and why she chose them. Kristen Bell is well-known for her starring roles in films such as Frozen and The Good Place, but what you may not have known is that she also has a great selection of tattoos that speak volumes about her as a person. This essay will take a look at what tattoos Kristen Bell has, why she chose them, and what each one symbolizes.

Throughout her life, Kristen Bell has collected a few tattoos in various shapes and sizes. She obtained her first tattoo when she was only 18 back in 2004, which was a small heart tattoo on her wrist. She explained that the heart was chosen because it was a symbol of her growing passions, and that since it was located on her wrist it was a constant reminder for her of what to strive for.

Continuing in the heart motif, Kristen Bell got two more tattoos on her wrists, this time a larger heart on her left wrist and a star with a cross at its centre on her right wrist. The large heart on her left wrist is a symbol of Karaoke, something that Kristen is quite passionate about. The star was chosen as a sign of protection, which Bell has explained, is a symbol of her faith in God.

In addition to her wrist tattoos, Kristen Bell also has a tattoo depicting four hands around her bicep, which she obtained in 2009. This tattoo was chosen to profess her love for her family and act as a constant reminder of their support.

One of Kristen Bell’s other tattoos includes a large black and white spider web on her lower back. This tattoo was chosen to represent her inner strength, and the web is meant to represent being trapped by one’s own struggles.

Infamous for her title roles in films, Kristen Bell also obtained a tattoo of the word “VERITY”, on the side of her left hand. Bell has spoken many times about how difficult it was for her to score roles as an actress starting out, so this was her way of reminding herself of the importance of being her authentic self while trying to get into the entertainment industry.

Among the other tattoos that Kristen Bell has, there is also a tiny umbrella tattooed on the top of her right foot and a rainbow on her right shoulder blade. The umbrella is meant to represent hope, while the rainbow is meant to represent beauty and strength.

In addition to her meaningful tattoos, Kristen Bell also has some light-hearted ones like a small deer tattooed on her thigh. Bell says the deer has no specific meaning, aside from the fact that she always found them cute and wanted one as a reminder of her childhood.

What’s more, Kristen Bell also has a tattoo of an American flag and the initials “ACT” in a heart on her shoulder. Bell got these tattoos in recognition of her beloved husband, actor Dax Shepard, who is an active military officer. She has explained that the flag symbolizes her commitment to the country and how proud she is of her husband and his service. The initials in a heart are meant to represent her love for her husband.

Karen Bell has a number of tattoos, each with its own unique meaning. Whether they are symbols of her love for her family, faith in God, or passion for acting, each of her tattoos is a reminder of who she is and what she stands for.

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What kind of CBD does Kristen Bell use?


In the race to find relief from chronic pain and mental health disorders, an increasing number of people are embracing cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive derivative of hemp. We all know Kristen Bell, the famous Hollywood actress and singer, it has been reported that she too has discovered the relief offered by CBD. In this essay, we will explore the type of CBD that Kristen Bell uses, the benefits of the CBD she has adopted, and its effects on her health.

Relief from stress and panic attacks

Kristen Bell has found CBD products helpful in improving her health in a multitude of ways. She often faces insomnia due to her busy entertainment career but has used CBD products to manage her symptoms. Bell has also found relief from stress and panic attacks through CBD products. This is a perfect example of the wide variety of health benefits available from CBD.

Kristen Bell uses Cannabliss Organic, a full-spectrum tincture. Cannabliss Organic’s flagship product, “Tranquility”, is an oil blend of CBD, lemon balm, holy basil, and hops. It is reported that this tincture has been beneficial in helping her to relax, unwind and rest. The use of full-spectrum tincture allows the body to absorb more CBD due to the presence of other phytocannabinoids and terpenes, with both the cannabinoids and the terpenes having potential therapeutic value.

Cannabliss Organic’s “Calm & Restore” balm

Along with the Tranquility tincture, Kristen Bell also uses Cannabliss Organic’s “Calm & Restore” balm. This balm is made with a combination of CBD and other plant oils, such as coconut and avocado oils. The high levels of essential fatty acids found in these oils help to moisturize the skin, while the CBD and other ingredients provide anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. The Cannabliss Organic Calm & Restore CBD balm offers a long-lasting calming effect.

CBD gummies Use:

Kristen Bell has also turned to CBD gummies to help with her anxiety. She likes using these gummies over pills because they offer a more discreet and convenient form of CBD. Gummies offer all of the benefits of CBD without the “high” associated with THC-containing products and are naturally a very sweet and tasty way to consume CBD.

Delta 8 THC Use:

Kristen Bell often uses Delta 8 THC when she is looking for something a little stronger than standard CBD. Unlike the psychoactive Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 has a much lower levels of THC and still offers some of the beneficial effects of THC, such as anxiolytic, analgesic (pain relief), and anti-inflammatory properties. Delta 8 is not as widely available but it is generally easier to acquire than Delta 9 products.

Kristen Bell also has an eye-dropper packed with a high quality CBD oil with Omega 3, 6, & 9 fatty acid blend that she uses when she is in need of extra alleviation of her symptoms. This oil blend, known as “Mind, Body, and Soul”, is filled with omegas, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. All of these compounds come together to provide an overall calming and uplifting effect that helps improve mental clarity and sleep.

In addition to the products previously mentioned, Kristen Bell also likes to use topicals like soap, body butter, and pain relief cream. The soaps, which are infused with CBD, helps keep her skin looking healthy and moisturized. The body butter and pain relief cream contain CBD and essential oils such as jojoba and avocado. All of these products work together to help Kristen Bell manage her symptoms of pain and stress.

Kristen Bell Lifestyle With CBD:

Kristen Bell has also adopted a few lifestyle changes to further enhance the effects of her CBD products. She is a big proponent of yoga and practices it on a regular basis. She has claimed that yoga helps to reduce stress, improve focus and sleep, as well as connect her with her breathing. Not only does yoga help with mental and physical wellbeing, but it also enhances the effects of the CBD products used by Bell.
Kristen Bell has certainly shown that the right combination of CBD products and lifestyle changes can help to improve one’s physical and mental health. She has adopted a range of CBD products to suit her specific needs, and with the addition of yoga and lifestyle changes, she has noticed a marked improvement in her overall wellbeing.


Overall, it is clear that by taking advantage of the many available CBD products, Kristen Bell has been able to alleviate many of the physical and mental issues she has faced. By combining her CBD products with yoga and other lifestyle changes, she has seen tremendous health improvements. CBD is quickly becoming a go-to remedy for many, and by seeing the success Kristen Bell has experienced with it, it is no surprise as to why.

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