The retail shrinkage rate in the cannabis industry is 10%, which is significantly higher than regular retail shrinkage rates. You need to develop an effective and robust security plan to protect your profit margins from shrinkage.

How do you develop a security plan for your dispensary?

Keep reading to learn the best tips, tools, and technologies for dispensary security. This is your ultimate guide to creating a security strategy that can reduce shrinkage and protect your profit margins.

Recognize Your Unique Vulnerabilities

Dispensaries can be a great way to provide people with CBD and cannabis products, helping them take a self-led approach to their well-being.

However, with all the health benefits of cannabis products come some drawbacks in terms of security.

As a dispensary manager or owner, you must be aware of your unique vulnerabilities and take steps to prevent these vulnerabilities from developing into security breaches. Awareness of the threat posed to your facility is the first step in creating a solid security strategy.

Provide Complete Security Visibility

Surveillance is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when forging a security strategy. If a break-in occurs at your dispensary, your dispensary staff needs to know immediately – as they could be in danger.

By enlisting the services of a professional surveillance system installer, you can ensure that there are no blind spots in your system. Having complete visibility prevents criminals from taking advantage of your blind spots to sneak into the building unseen. 

If your cannabis strains are stolen, this could lead to losses if you don’t have evidence to make a claim – which is why surveillance is crucial.

In case of a crime at your dispensary, a surveillance camera system will provide evidence, aiding in an investigation and providing proof of the incident for your insurance claim. Additionally, when surveillance cameras are in full view, they will deter any potential intruders from casing out the building.

One of the best ways to improve your security visibility is to opt for a cloud-based surveillance system that permits remote management. A cloud-based surveillance system lets you view your security camera feed from anywhere.

If you have extensive security needs, you can integrate analytics with a cloud-based surveillance system to provide you with alerts when a threat is detected. Since you won’t be able to monitor your camera feed all the time, this integration can be beneficial.

Invest In An Intrusion Alarm System

In addition to integrating analytics with your surveillance system, you need another way to detect intruders on your property.

Installing a sophisticated intrusion alarm system will alert you to any suspicious activity on the property during non-working hours when the system is active.

Building sensors can detect broken glass or gunshots, immediately sending you a mobile notification. You can even set up security controls to ensure that the authorities are called as soon as an intrusion occurs, allowing for swift action, which may help you to detain the intruder and prevent a theft that could lead to significant losses for your dispensary business.

Invest In Top-Tier Access Control

Tools to prevent intruders from accessing the property are the most pivotal element in your security strategy.

A traditional key lock will not be sufficient to protect your dispensary from intruders. You can pick a lock easily, so you’ll need to invest in an access control system. An access control system operates door locks using keycards, fobs, and mobile credentials.

If you’re opting for an access control system, mobile-first technology is one of your best options. 

Rather than using a keycard or fob, which can be lost or stolen, your employees can download access credentials to their mobile devices. This way, even if an intruder steals an employee’s device, they may not be able to access it due to fingerprint scanning.

Some of the main benefits of a mobile-first access control system include the following:

  • It’s cloud-based – you can lock and unlock doors or view access logs remotely using your mobile device, so you’re always in touch with security happenings at your dispensary – no matter where you are.
  • Biometrics – with a cloud-based security system, you can integrate fingerprint scanning or facial recognition with your access control. A biometric access control system eliminates the possibility of thieves using stolen credentials to enter the building.
  • Internal access control – you’ll need to protect certain rooms in your dispensary, and a cloud-based access control system allows you to build an integrated approach with smart door locks to protect all sensitive areas in your dispensary.


When planning your dispensary strategy, you must be aware of the unique security threats posed to the cannabis industry. You have a responsibility to ensure your product stays in the right hands, and you have a responsibility to keep your staff safe. Consider this article’s security tools and tips when developing your strategy.

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